Worth the Risk

Book cover for Worth the Risk, the 21st book in the COBRA Securities Series.Title: Worth the Risk
Series: COBRA Securities #21
Release Date: 02/22/21
ISBN13: 978-1-7357807-4-0

Veterinarian Vanessa Lacroix has devoted her life to saving abused and mistreated animals. When a risky humanitarian mission goes awry, and she stumbles upon a disturbing operation, she’s the one in need of rescue.

Quinn Billings’ burgeoning dog training business inside the COBRA Securities compound keeps him extremely busy. When Vanessa’s dad calls in a favor, Quinn takes off to find her with his dog Kilo in tow.

Kilo leads Quinn to Vanessa, but they soon discover a plot more sinister than imagined and far more deadly. On the run from killers, they rush to expose the crimes before it’s too late.

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