Romantic Suspense

Rescue Me

Following a date with an interesting man, COBRA Securities computer expert Sloan Lorince wakes up to discover she’s being held captive in a strange place with no memory of what happened.

Undercover FBI Agent John Cruz has infiltrated a rogue terrorist group plotting a major uprising. When the leader brings Sloan into their lair, John vows to protect her, even if it means blowing his cover.

With Sloan’s help, John discovers the plot is bigger and more dangerous than he imagined. With their lives on the line, they race to stop a madman before it’s too late.

On the Run

Trouble in Paradise.

After a successful mission, COBRA Securities agent Kaiya Quillen vacations on a tropical island to relax and catch up with her friend, Ruthie Lee, but soon discovers that she has disappeared.

Actor Chase Corrigan encounters Kaiya when he arrives to find his sister. Danger throws them together and passion binds them as they team up to search for the missing woman.

Danger awaits at every turn as a crafty killer seems to stay one step ahead, and time is running out to find Ruthie Lee before her past catches up with her. Will Kaiya and Chase be able to overcome trouble in paradise?


Gone Without a Trace

After an intense—and nearly tragic—introduction, COBRA Securities agent Owen Durant can’t get Melanie Delgado and her son Joshua off his mind. When he learns she may be in danger, he takes measures to protect her.

As Melanie recovers from injuries sustained when shoved into oncoming traffic, she discovers a threat from her past has returned. Her only means of staying safe is to take her son and vanish.

When Owen learns Melanie and Josh are missing, he searches for and finds them but immediately encounters trouble. Love blossoms as Owen and Melanie hunt for the threat, but as incidents begin to pile up, so do bodies. When betrayal hits close to home, no one is safe.

Mind Games

Never let your guard down

Psychiatrist Dr. Harper Hillman was at the top of her field until the deaths of two patients left her reeling. Needing a change of scenery, she takes a teaching position at a university, but trouble soon follows in the form of crime scene drawings that come to life.

COBRA Securities Agent Ryan Marx has healed from injuries suffered in the jungles of Santigo. When he encounters Harper, the attraction is instantaneous, but soon threats against her accelerate, putting everyone associated with her in the crosshairs of a killer.

Ryan Risks everything to keep Harper safe, but danger abounds when the search for a killer leads to a shocking revelation.

Dressed to Kill

Haute couture to die for...

After a successful career as a supermodel, Brooklyn Fontana is about to launch a designer line of dresses and host a reality competition show. As the launch dates near, disruptions plague her efforts. Soon it becomes obvious that someone wants to make sure she doesn't succeed.


COBRA Securities Agent Gage Monahan has been hired to act as Brooklyn's boyfriend while searching for an unknown threat. When his assignment becomes real and love blossoms, he’ll do anything to protect her.


Attacks ramp up and danger lurks at every turn as Gage races to save Brooklyn before it's too late.

Worth the Risk

Veterinarian Vanessa Lacroix has devoted her life to saving abused and mistreated animals. When a risky humanitarian mission goes awry, and she stumbles upon a disturbing operation, she’s the one in need of rescue.

Quinn Billings’ burgeoning dog training business inside the COBRA Securities compound keeps him extremely busy. When Vanessa’s dad calls in a favor, Quinn takes off to find her with his dog Kilo in tow.

Kilo leads Quinn to Vanessa, but they soon discover a plot more sinister than imagined and far more deadly. On the run from killers, they rush to expose the crimes before it’s too late.

Held Hostage

BeBe Davis' career has thrived after an accident left her confined to a wheelchair. As the office manager of the bustling COBRA Securities offices, she works her magic daily to support the agents and is adored by everyone. She's perfectly happy until Tank Hale walks in the door and she realizes what's been missing from her life. Love.

Tank lost his leg in Afghanistan and his heart to BeBe the moment he met her. Before he can act on his feelings, he discovers her life is in danger. Acting on a hunch, he races to find her. With time running out, an already tense situation becomes explosive. If Tank’s too late, he runs the risk of losing BeBe before he ever had her.

Iron Cross

Pro hockey player Finnegan Bates is coming off a high after an award-winning season, but his world comes crashing down when his old girlfriends start dying one by one.

After a brief meeting a month ago, COBRA Securities agent Kayla Hepburn thought about Finn often. When bodies pile up around him and he becomes a target, she jumps into action to protect him.

Love blossoms even as a killer grows bolder. With time running out, they race to stop a deranged psychopath who has Finn and everyone he loves in their sights.

Running Scared

Declan Elliot has fully recovered following serious injuries obtained while protecting Jamal West from danger. The ink isn't yet dry on the contract for Declan to become COBRA Securities' newest agent when Jamal's life is threatened again. Declan drops everything to rush to his rescue.

Kenzie Bryant reported her boss for harassment and was unceremoniously fired from her job as an editor. On the same day she was canned, she learned her beloved aunt had died. As Kenzie is clearing out her aunt's condo, a ruthless gang sets their sights on the young boy in the unit next door and Kenzie is caught in their crosshairs.

On the run for their lives, Declan and Kenzie fall in love while teaming up to evade and outwit the killers. As they race to discover why the gang is targeting a seven-year-old boy, the threats become increasingly violent and deadly. Time is running out to uncover the motive and neutralize the threat before it’s too late.

Without a Trace

As an emergency room physician, Dr. Amelia Howell has had little time during her career to give back to the less fortunate. Before embarking on a new job, she volunteers for a humanitarian trip with Doctors International. Her mission sends her to the rainforest of Santigo, a small country struggling with poverty and rampant with corruption. When she inadvertently witnesses a crime, she becomes a target of very dangerous people and is abducted.

Injuries sustained in a bomb blast have sidelined COBRA Securities Agent Wyatt Hollister indefinitely. At loose ends, he decides on a spur of the moment trip to visit Amelia in Santigo. But once he arrives, he walks into a nightmare and discovers Amelia is missing.

Against all odds, Wyatt finds Amelia and their mutual attraction ignites into a flame of passion. But their budding love...and their lives are at stake while on the run from a deadly cartel attempting to make them both disappear Without a Trace.