Be Very Quiet

Book cover for Be Very Quiet, the 27th book in the COBRA Securities Series.Title: Be Very Quiet
Series: COBRA Securities #27

Don't say a word

Liliana Lima and Luca Russo met under unimaginable circumstances when a predator known as The Mortician nearly made Liliana his latest victim. Luca saved her life and critically wounded The Mortician, but he escaped and disappeared.

Ten years later, The Mortician is back and killing again. This time, he’s drawing Liliana into his twisted games. Luca, now an agent with COBRA Securities, swears to protect her again, but are they dealing with the original murderer or someone copying his methods?

Sparks of attraction that ignited between Liliana and Luca a decade ago flare into an inferno. As the body count rises, they race to stay a step ahead of a maniac bent on destroying Liliana’s life—and taking it too.

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