COBRA Securities

The List

Small book cover for The List, the 1st book in the COBRA Securities Series.

What started out as a harmless game between friends has turned deadly real. Fourteen men are dead, all from apparent accidents. The only thing tying them together is their names on a list compiled by three teenage girls ten years ago. Only one man remains alive, but time is running out…


Jacqueline Sera forgot all about the lists she created with her friends, until the names keep popping up in the obituaries. Suddenly their fun game has morphed into a chilling nightmare. When the authorities refuse to believe her outrageous claims of a serial killer, she turns to the one man the killer hasn't eliminated, the man she has always loved.


Matt Dianetti is skeptical of Jacqueline's claims but can't deny the disturbing coincidences. When incidents mount, and with the killer closing in, they must race to stop an unknown enemy who wants to permanently cross Matt's name off The List.

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The Fan

Small book cover for The Fan, the 2nd book in the COBRA Securities Series.

A demanding Hollywood career, a failed marriage to an A-list celebrity and a possible stalker force starlet Jade LaRossa to flee the spotlight in California for a long vacation in her college hometown. Finally able to relax, she discovers that she loves gardening, suspense novels and ice cream–probably not the best thing for an actress to learn, but it doesn't stop her from buying an extra gallon anyway. The last thing she planned on doing during her hiatus was fall in love with a single father and his daughter.


Healed from the injuries that ended his military career, former Navy SEAL Logan Bradley is part owner of a booming private security company. His life is turned upside down when a man knocks on his doorstep holding a diminutive three-year old beauty–Logan's daughter. Rocked by the discovery, he shakes off his fear and embraces fatherhood. When a stunning redhead moves in next door, she threatens his carefully controlled life…and his heart.


In order to escape the stalker, Jade transforms herself from movie star to Midwestern schoolteacher. When Logan discovers her duplicity, he pushes her away despite his overwhelming feelings. But when the stalker finds her and bodies start to pile up, he puts his life on the line to protect her. Will it be enough to keep her safe from The Fan?

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Small book cover for Committed, the 2nd book in the COBRA Securities Series.

Something sinister is lurking behind the opulent golden doors of the Bexley Institute. Patients are checking in but they aren't checking out. They just disappear…

Socialite Rachel Bancroft's pampered life could never prepare her for the nightmare she is about to face. When her childhood friend vanishes, she poses as a patient at the Bexley Institute - a renowned psychiatric counseling and recovery center. Rachel makes a crucial mistake trusting the wrong person. Now those responsible for her friend's disappearance want her dead.

Former FBI Agent Ben Colton stumbles onto a potentially evil plot involving the Institute. When his investigation uncovers a ghastly crime, he must save the woman he loves before she becomes the next victim.

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Violets Are Blue

Small book cover for Violets are Blue, the 4th book in the COBRA Securities Series.

Roses are red / Violets are blue
How many will die / Before he’s through

A sadistic serial killer is terrorizing the students at a small liberal arts college in Vermont and all of the victims look like Professor Violet Anastasia.

COBRA agent Jake Kincaid is called in to assist in the investigation. He is instantly drawn to Violet and the case quickly becomes personal. When the killer targets Violet and she is forced to confront a monster from her past, Jake will stop at nothing to keep her safe. But will it be enough to protect her from a madman?

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Trust No One

Small book cover for Trust No One, the 5th book in the COBRA Securities Series.

TV Reporter Kendall Buckley has just scored the biggest interview of her career, but before the cameras start rolling, a violent crime hits too close to home. She can't go to the police...one of their own committed the heinous act. She doesn't know who to trust and now the killers are hot on her trail

Former Navy SEAL Dorian Demarchis is recovering from a bullet wound sustained during his last COBRA Securities mission. When a co-worker sends Kendall to his doorstep, he agrees to help despite his injury. Though he tries to keep the relationship strictly professional, he can't fight the strong chemistry that ignites between them. When bodies start piling up and the killers draw near, the danger threatens Kendall, his family...and his life.

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Saving Santa

Small book cover for Saving Santa, a COBRA Securities Series short story.

COBRA Securities employee Maggie Addison’s Christmas isn’t starting out well...she’s been kidnapped at gunpoint. By Santa!

Ex-Delta Force warrior Carter McQueen didn’t plan on abducting the blonde beauty, but he needs her help. Together they join forces to make a child’s Christmas wish to Santa come true.

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Hide and Seek

Small book cover for Hide and Seek, the 6th book in the COBRA Securities Series.

Taylor Hudson’s daughter Grace is excited about the end of her first-grade year. But when a man kidnaps her from the school bus, Taylor discovers a threat from her past has returned. Instead of coming for her as he promised, he’s taken her daughter instead.

Kai Costa idolizes his dad, Dante, and wants to follow in his footsteps and become a Navy SEAL. When Kai realizes something is wrong, he doesn’t hesitate to jump in and in doing so, he lands right in the middle of a nightmare.

Unimaginable circumstances have thrown Dante and Taylor together as they race to track down their missing children. Is their bond strong enough to withstand a man threatening to take it all away?

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Killer Cuisine

Small book cover for Killer Cuisine, the 7th book in the COBRA Securities Series.

Executive Chef Kaitlyn Colton has always dreamed of hosting her own cooking show. When the opportunity arises to participate in a reality competition with the prize being her own show, she jumps at the chance. But someone will go to any length to make sure she doesn't succeed...including murder.

COBRA Securities Agent Dan Bradley has been fighting his feelings for Kaitlyn his entire life. But when first her career is threatened and then her life, he will stop at nothing to protect her.

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Small book cover for Vigilante, the 8th book in the COBRA Securities Series.

A killer is loose in New York City, meting out justice to the guilty. Nicknamed the Vigilante, the executioner uses television anchor Olivia Larrson to communicate with the public, making her a target of those who don't want their sins revealed.

Ever since their passion-filled encounter months ago, COBRA Securities Agent Alex Mylonas can't erase Olivia Larrson from his thoughts. When a killer gets too close to her, Alex will stop at nothing to protect her, even putting his own life in danger.

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Face The Music

Small book cover for Face the Music, the 9th book in the COBRA Securities Series.

Ever since their chance encounter on the crowded streets of New York City, COBRA Securities Co-Founder Luke Colton can't erase Layla Brooks from his thoughts. It wasn't just her beauty that captivated him, but the look of stark terror on her face. Angry with himself for not following her, knowing she must be in danger, he's shocked when she ends up on his doorstep. He vows to do whatever it takes to protect her, but he forgets to protect his heart.

Singing sensation Layla Brooks survived attempts by her stepfather to kill her, but knowing he won't stop until he succeeds, she fakes her own death. With her siblings in tow, she's running for her life. She finds safety--and so much more---in Luke's strong arms.

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