Trust No One

Small book cover for Trust No One, the 5th book in the COBRA Securities Series.Title: Trust No One
Series: COBRA Securities #5

TV Reporter Kendall Buckley has just scored the biggest interview of her career, but before the cameras start rolling, a violent crime hits too close to home. She can't go to the police...one of their own committed the heinous act. She doesn't know who to trust and now the killers are hot on her trail

Former Navy SEAL Dorian Demarchis is recovering from a bullet wound sustained during his last COBRA Securities mission. When a co-worker sends Kendall to his doorstep, he agrees to help despite his injury. Though he tries to keep the relationship strictly professional, he can't fight the strong chemistry that ignites between them. When bodies start piling up and the killers draw near, the danger threatens Kendall, his family...and his life.

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